Nate's Linens 'n Things line: The living room

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Nate says his "favorite thing to do" is combine new purchased objects with older treasures in one space, which is a great trick for the living room. "I don't think you should throw everything out and buy new. I don't think anybody should buy somebody else's look." Instead, "it's about mixing and matching and using things that you love and figuring out how to present those in a way that's sort of mixed up," he says. "A [shelf full of upright] books is a little bit boring. Some books should go on their side. Add picture frames. Add little objects."

His collection includes rugs, which "I think add a lot of warmth to the room." Additionally, Nate suggests the addition of natural elements. "People think that means flowers or plants. I can't keep plants alive in my house, so I do it the other way by adding natural fibers and weaves."

Other eye-catching pieces for the living room include antique wooden stools, hand hammered brass bowls, deep chocolate hand-carved coasters and decorative wood panels.