Nate's Linens 'n Things line: The bathroom

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When creating the items for his bathroom collection, Nate wanted to create the feeling of a luxurious oasis. "You go into the bathroom, you close the door and everything around you should be tactile and beautiful and large," he says.

For this reason, he was adamant about one item above all else. "I made [the towels] extra large because I think that a bath really is ritualistic," he says. And the ones he's chosen to feature are his favorites! Nate says he got to pick from a selection of towels that were all different textures, weights and styles. His ultimate pick was simply "the one that I reached for every day for two months," says Nate.

Plush cotton bath rugs, embroidered shower curtains with signature shower hooks, and alabaster stone accessories accompany Nate's divine towel collection.