Lionel Richie's dining room

Welcome to Lionel Richie's Beverly Hills home! The tour starts in his dining room, one of the most important places in the house!

"This is where we hang out for the formal things," Lionel says. "All of my life is centered around food…and where to eat it!"

He collects fireplaces, and in the dining room is a Louis XIV.
Lionel Richie's family room

This wing of the house is all about the kids and family, Lionel says. Plush sofas and floor-to-ceiling windows make the room cozy.

"We sit here and just chill out," Lionel says.
Lionel Richie's library

Lionel's library houses all of his numerous awards and plaques—including his Grammy® and Oscar® awards!

"My son took [the Oscar®] and stuck it by the doorstop to keep the door open while he was playing with his toys," Lionel says. "So now I've decided that I'm going to put everything up [on a shelf]!"
Lionel Richie's in-house recording studio

It's where many of his hits were written and created—Lionel's in-house studio is fully equipped.

"Through good times and bad times, rain, sleet, snow, I come to my recording studio," Lionel says.
Lionel Richie's Zen garden

Lionel's Zen garden is a place for reflection. He says he often comes to the garden, with its serene surroundings and lush plants, early in the mornings or late in the evenings for peace and quiet.
Lionel Richie's Roman-inspired garden

"I travel all over the world and so I like to bring a little of the world back home," Lionel says.

Lionel brought this little area back from Rome!
Lionel Richie prunes trees in his garden

You may be surprised to learn that Lionel loves to prune branches off the trees in his yard! It's a hobby that's quite therapeutic, he says.

"I just try to find one branch that's out of place and I go after it," says Lionel, holding extended pruning scissors. "So as I hit these branches, I say, 'The record company!'" (Snip)

"'My manager!'" (Snip)

"'My agent!'" (Snip)

"'What about those politicians?'" (Snip)