Jennifer Post's bathroom design

Photo: © Michael Moran

Nab New Fixtures (On Sale)
"Adding new medicine cabinets or fixtures is a great way to give a whole new look to your bathroom. For good deals on these accessories, shop at the end of May and September when many high-end retailers have inventory sales in anticipation of the new merchandise arriving."
—Jennifer Post, whose design work is the subject of a new book, Jennifer Post: Pure Space, Elegant Minimalism, by Anna Kasabian.
Janet Lee's bathroom decor - window cling

Photo: Aimee Herring

Consider This Modest Proposal
"A window in a bathroom is a luxury. To be able to take full advantage of the light, as well as maintain your privacy, go to a local digital print shop and get a customized static-cling window decal. You can get a monogram or a fun saying. For around $30, it's an inexpensive way to enjoy the sunlight, while staying modest. One tip: To attach the window cling, you'll need a spray bottle filled with water and one pump of liquid soap, as well as a squeegee. The soap will help manipulate the film easily."
—Janet Lee, of and author of Living in a Nutshell: Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces (Harper Design)
David Scott's bathroom design with fish wallpaper

Photo: Marili Forastieri, from Outside the Box

Paper Over It...
"Wallpaper is fabulous in the powder room. The small space can handle a larger print, and an unusual wall covering can inject some whimsy."
—David Scott, author of Outside The Box: An Interior Designer's Innovative Approach to Creating Chic and Comfortable Rooms (Pointed Leaf Press)
Phoebe Howard's bathroom design

Photo: Eric Piasecki

...Or Gloss Over It
"I like to paint them with high-gloss paint, which not only makes an impact but is easy to wipe down when you need to clean."
—Phoebe Howard, author of The Joy of Decorating: Southern Style with Mrs. Howard (Stewart, Tabori & Chang)
Suzanne and Lauren McGrath's bathroom design

Photo: Lucas Allen

Add an Unexpected Piece
"Including a small piece of wood furniture in your bathroom is an easy way to soften and add interest to a room that is generally dominated by ceramic tile, stone and metal finishes. We like to find charming occasional tables at flea markets and stack them with crisp white towels."
—Suzanne and Lauren McGrath, authors of Good Bones, Great Pieces (Stewart, Tabori & Chang)
Tim Clarke's bathroom decor

Photo: Noah Webb

Guarantee a Beautiful Morning
"The bathroom sets the tone for your day; it's where you get ready, and the way you see your appearance can affect how you feel about yourself. Choose a paint color that complements your skin tone. Light is also incredibly important. Instead of using garishly bright fluorescent bulbs in the bathroom, I rely on natural light, as well as soft and indirect lamps and sconces."
— Tim Clarke, author of Coastal Modern: Sophisticated Homes Inspired by the Ocean (Potter)
Kishani Perera's bathroom design

Photo: Jean Randazzo, Vintage Remix (Abrams, 2012)

Imagine the Dreamiest Shower Curtain...
"You can easily make your own shower curtain in whatever fabric you want by sewing grommets to the top of long panels. Or have a local seamstress whip one up!"
—Kishani Perera, author of Vintage Remix (Abrams)
Steven Gambrel's bathroom decor

Photo: Eric Piasecki

Make Your Own Glass Menagerie
"Decant mineral bath salts, cotton balls and mouthwash into decorative containers and glass vessels. It really elevates the look of the room."
—Steven Gambrel, author of Steven Gambrel: Time and Place (Abrams)
Annie Kelly's bathroom design

Photo: Tim Street-Porter

Get Hooked
"Add more hooks! A bathroom can never have too many places to hang jewelry, bathrobes and towels."
— Annie Kelly, author of Rooms to Inspire by the Sea (Rizzoli)
Pull A Switcheroo
"In small spaces, like a bathroom, a color palette change will immediately transform the space. Switching out bath linens regularly can be a fun way to introduce new patterns and colors in to your design scheme."
—Sabrina Soto, author of Sabrina Soto Home Design: A Layer by Layer Approach to Turning Your Ideas into the Home of Your Dream (Wiley)

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