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Should I Buy This One-of-a-Kind Downton Abbey Sofa?

Even if your flea-market discovery looks exactly like Lord and Lady Grantham's favorite seat—the crimson Knole-style sofa—in the Highclere Castle library, a vintage couch should have three things, says interior designer Evan Schwartz: (1) a sturdy frame without cracks; (2) its original hardwood parts—no low-quality replacements; and, (3) high-quality upholstery without rips or stains. Fair warning: Restoring midcentury furniture can be costly and time-consuming. Expect to pay upwards of $2,000 to professionally re-upholster and replace the original filling, Schwartz says. "You may need about 20 yards of fabric, which can cost about $75 a yard in the midrange."