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Lorraine, production coordinator, 24
Lorraine, an energetic recent college grad who last year moved cross-country seeking job opportunities (she landed at OWN in September), explains, "I brought winter coats because I heard it does get cold here in winter. But," she adds, holding up a ski parka, "it doesn't get this cold."

Her Giveaways: In addition to outerwear, Walsh takes the liberty of tossing what he calls "an ultrawarm suede hat that I imagine is super-useful in L.A."; also bound for charity is "a scarf from Urban Outfitters that just never happened," says Lorraine, and an L.L.Bean down vest she was saving because it had belonged to a friend's father and had a "lifetime guarantee." ("So why didn't your friend keep it if it was so special?" wonders Cynthia.) When Walsh asks, "Is any of this stuff now?" Danielle and Cynthia shake their heads vigorously. "It's not the L.A. Lorraine, the one we know," says Danielle. "It's boring—and we don't see you like that!" adds Cynthia.

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