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Danielle, deliverables coordinator, 28
"Is there anything you all notice about these clothes?" Walsh asks, as the group sizes up Danielle's overstuffed bedroom closet in North Hollywood. "The tags?" asks Lorraine. And indeed, much of Danielle's wardrobe—tailored pants that never quite fit, heels that just look painful—is barely worn.

Her Giveaways: One of the first things to go is a pair of red and black leather calf-high stiletto boots that Lorraine is gawking at: "I remember when pointy-toed shoes were trendy. I don't remember when the rest of that was trendy." Danielle is less willing to part with a "churchy" camel Banana Republic suit (with the tags still on) that she bought while interviewing for jobs in college. "The word you used was churchy," points out Cynthia, gesturing toward the "donate" pile. When Danielle frowns, Lorraine strikes a compromise: "I expect you to wear that to work in the next month, Danielle. If you don't, I'll call you out."

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