christmas tree DIY

Photo: Jacqui Small

Simple DIY Paper-Fringe Tree

This super-easy, inexpensive tree is perfect for small spaces or to decorate a tabletop in your home. It is modern and minimal and looks lovely with white twinkle lights and some candles near by. You can purchase larger sheets of cardboard at most art supply stores

You will need:

- Hot glue gun
- Cardboard
- Black paper
- Lightweight white paper
- Black tape
- Scissors
- Craft knife

Step 1: Cut the cardboard to your desired triangular tree shape.

Step 2: Start about 5cm/2 inches from the bottom of the tree and cut approximately a 5cm/2 inch-wide strip of white paper to a length just wider than the width of the tree.

Step 3: Glue the top edge of the strip of white paper to the cardboard and then trim the width to the angle of the cardboard.

Step 4: Create a fringe along the bottom edge of the white strip of paper you just glued down. Make the cuts about 1cm/½ inch apart.

Step 5: Repeat with more white strips, making sure to overlap each one over the previous one.

Step 6: Finish by adding a black strip of paper to cover the exposed 5cm/2 inches of cardboard along the bottom of the triangle. Use black tape to wrap around the sides of this base, or just wrap the black paper around.
advent calendar DIY

Photo: Jacqui Small

Advent Branch
White boxes and bags are stamped with numbers, filled with little advent treats, then hung on this beautiful branch with white and black twine. Hang securely on the wall with nails and some fine wire wrapped around each end of the branch.
eucalyptus decorations

Photo: Jacqui Small

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

This eucalyptus and branch wall hanging was created easily on the day of the party. We simply tied eucalyptus sprigs to both ends of 20 pieces of fine white string cut to various lengths, and then hung them over a sprayed white branch. Fine wire wrapped around each end of the branch created loops for hanging the piece up exactly where we wanted it.
diy kraft paper menu

Photo: Jacqui Small

Handwritten Menu

A menu can become a beautiful wall hanging for your gathering. Kraft paper is wrapped around a bare branch at each end and then glued into place. A few sprigs of fresh greenery are glued along the top and then the menu is hung from some twine that is tied on securely at each end of the top branch.
diy heart branch

Photo: Jacqui Small

Natural Heart

Branches picked up from the local flower shop were bent to create a heart, secured at each end with some natural twine. We then added a few sprigs of baby’s breath and eucalyptus.
clothesline flower string

Photo: Jacqui Small


Cotton string was tacked on the wall and then little sprigs of leaves, flowers, berries and pods were hung from it by miniature clothespegs. This fresh wall hanging is inexpensive, and easy to put up to decorate plain walls in your dining area.

Reprinted from Decorate for a Party: Stylish Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings. Text copyright © 2016 by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring. Design layout and photography copyright © 2016 by Jacqui Small. Published by Quatro Publishing Group USA.