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Photo: Jacqui Small

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Simple DIY Paper-Fringe Tree

This super-easy, inexpensive tree is perfect for small spaces or to decorate a tabletop in your home. It is modern and minimal and looks lovely with white twinkle lights and some candles near by. You can purchase larger sheets of cardboard at most art supply stores

You will need:

- Hot glue gun
- Cardboard
- Black paper
- Lightweight white paper
- Black tape
- Scissors
- Craft knife

Step 1: Cut the cardboard to your desired triangular tree shape.

Step 2: Start about 5cm/2 inches from the bottom of the tree and cut approximately a 5cm/2 inch-wide strip of white paper to a length just wider than the width of the tree.

Step 3: Glue the top edge of the strip of white paper to the cardboard and then trim the width to the angle of the cardboard.

Step 4: Create a fringe along the bottom edge of the white strip of paper you just glued down. Make the cuts about 1cm/½ inch apart.

Step 5: Repeat with more white strips, making sure to overlap each one over the previous one.

Step 6: Finish by adding a black strip of paper to cover the exposed 5cm/2 inches of cardboard along the bottom of the triangle. Use black tape to wrap around the sides of this base, or just wrap the black paper around.