Photo: Alison Gootee

Fresh Foliage
Pretty greenery—cuttings from pine trees, shrubs, even hardy herbs like sage and thyme—adds a warm, textured flair to gift wrap. Perk up twigs with a quick spray of gold paint.

DIY Wrap box in paper. Measure black-and-white-striped baker's twine three times around box and wrap, tightly winding twine around foliage stem to secure. Knot twine; trim ends.

Photo: Alison Gootee

Baker's Beauties
Fanned out over a gift box, metallic and patterned cupcake liners show an entirely new sweet side.

DIY Wrap box in paper. Press down on the round center of two different-sized cupcake liners, flattening the middle but leaving the ripples intact. Using double-stick tape to secure, layer the smaller liner on top of the larger one, and wrap them around a side of the box. Loop sewing thread or ribbon around box and knot.
polka dots

Photo: Alison Gootee

Distinctive Dots
Create polka dots by hole-punching festive paper.

DIY Cut wrapping paper to desired size. On the underside, trace outline of the top and two opposite sides of the box. Fold paper in half and, using a hole punch, make two evenly spaced lines of holes from one edge of tracing to the other. Refold paper, creasing in half between the two lines, and punch an alternating pattern of holes. Continue this process until traced area is filled. Wrap punched paper around box and secure with tape, leaving the unpunched sides as overhang to tuck beneath. Loop string around box and knot at the back.

Gift wrapping by Andriana Verdi.