The hottest trend in dorm room design these days is peel-and-stick wall décor.

Since most dorms don't allow students to nail or screw stuff into their mostly concrete surroundings, the next best option is peel-and-stick art and picture frames that provide a functional twist.

I like the selections from
  • Peel N Stick picture frames above the bed
  • Peel N Stick chalk boards for all those notes to the roomie on the fly
  • Peel N Stick circle mirrors—a must since most dorms don't come with mirrors!
  • Peel N Stick graphics that bring a cool edge to any bland design

Bonus Suggestion
For the lucky few who might have a 250 square-foot dorm room: Use that extra 50 square feet for a mini kitchen with a small fridge, mini microwave and a toaster oven that can all live in one little neat stowaway bar area. Top Ramen not included.

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