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I Love Tomato, but Just How Much Do I Love Tomato?

One of the biggest mistakes made is choosing a color—say, spicy paprika or peacock blue—after seeing only a square swatch, says Simonpietri. On move-in day, you'll most likely receive a couch that's brighter or darker or tomato-ier than you anticipated. What are the colors that always work? "Whites, off-whites, light taupes and grays," Simonpietri says, as well as any color you would find when taking a stroll down the beach. You can add bold and bright accents with patterned pillows, vibrant lampshades and rugs. If you're committed to finding a statement couch that will suit your living room, pick one you see on the showroom floor. Companies display their most popular colors, the ones that work for the majority of people, as floor samples, Simonpietri says.