ceramic tile floor trend

Photo: Melanie Acevedo

Ceramic Tile

Why we love it: The mix of clay and minerals results in a powerhouse that resists wear, water, stains, scratches, and dents—especially if glazed.

Take note: Textured or matte tiles are less slippery. Grout lines need cleaning; consider dark grout to mask dirt or matching the grout to the tiles so lines disappear.
Remedies for Renters

Vinyl stick-on floor tiles ease the transition from indoors to outdoors. Using an intricate pattern helps tile lines fade away, so the effect is more like a painted floor.
carpet tile floor

Photo: FLOR, Bruce Quist

Placing carpet tiles is an easy way to soften a space and add pattern.
kitchen ceramic tile

Photo: Amy Neunsinger, Lily Ashwell

Floors We Love:

Reclaimed 1920s Moroccan tiles make a simple kitchen feel like an old soul. The colors of the midcentury chair, country stool, industrial pendant, Moroccan screen, and farmhouse table are all represented in the floor, which helps the various styles to coexist.
diy heart branch

Photo: Nathan Kirkman, Graham Kostic & Fran Taglia

Zebra meets chevron in this dynamic tile; two bathmats placed vertically help define double sinks (and echo the floor pattern on a smaller scale).

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