coastal blues living room

Photo: Josh Gibson

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A Bit of Blue Goes a Long Way

Blue and white is the only color combination I come back to time and again. Not blue with something else, not white with another hue—not even black. If you're like me, you just can't get enough blue and white, and you can't be swayed otherwise. What is it about this palette that gives it such widespread appeal and inspires such devotion?

To start, there's the fact that blue is the world's favorite color. Found all around us in nature, it knows no limits when it comes to a particular fashion or style, time period or geography. As for white, it shows blue off in its truest form, without distraction or competition. And though it delivers plenty of contrast, the combination is less stark than black and white. It's easy on the eyes. White sets blue up for success, which sets you and your decorating scheme up for success too.

In this casual and relaxed waterfront living room, a bit of blue goes a long way. You can use the color minimally in a mostly white space like this, and your room will still feel blue. To create flow, you sometimes need only weave a thread of a color from room to room.