A modern-meets-rustic living room featuring wood-paneled walls and emerald curtains

Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel, Tino Zervudachi: A Portfolio

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Emerald is Pantone's 2013 color of the year, and for good reason—it's commanding yet understated enough that it won't overpower the room. "Symbolically, emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today's complex world," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Designer Tino Zervudachi makes the grassy color a focal point of this living room, pairing it with other inspired-by-nature elements like a stone mantle and wood-paneled walls. Modern touches—a round mirror, a puzzle-like coffee table—contrast with the rustic materials.

Photo courtesy of Pointed Leaf Press