sailing front porch

Photo: Scot Zimmerman

Sailor's Delight

The surfboard resting at the side of the porch and the towel drying on the wooden chair tell the story of the morning's ride, just as opening the Dutch door with the porthole in the top reveals the owners' love for spending time on their boat, which is moored not too far away.

The porch is an inviting outdoor living area with its wicker rockers and swing for two. The ceiling, railings, and window frames are painted a pleasing white, which adds simplicity to the design by emphasizing the clean lines.
tropical front porch

Photo: Scot Zimmerman

Tropical Punch

Bright, saturated colors of mangoes, papayas, and citrus playfully echo the South Florida tropical setting to make this family home a joy for entertaining and spending time together.

The bungalow's deep, broad porch is a wonderful place to sit in the shade and to keep an eye on children playing in the front yard.
ocean front porch

Photo: Scot Zimmerman

Oceanfront Romance

Covered, but open on three sides, the space opens to the sea air and hovers over the surrounding beach. To adapt to conditions, there are drapes that close on the sides. The furnishings inspire relaxing here all day with the sectional sofa and ottoman and a wrought iron bistro table.
traditional front porch

Photo: Scot Zimmerman

Traditional Simplicity

Ties to a turn-of-the-century fisherman's lodge can be seen in this Whidbey Island cottage with its broad porches, hipped roof, and traditional island-green color.

The wooden clapboard home has a generous overhang to shade the upper windows midday, a deep covered porch furnished with two large picnic tables, and views to the beach and water. Two doors open to unite the interior with the porch for an easy flow.
wicker front porch decorating

Photo: Scot Zimmerman

Seaside Ease

A wicker seating area on a covered porch off the kitchen overlooks roses and out to Puget Sound.
southern front porch

Photo: Scot Zimmerman

A Touch of the South

The cottage design is inspired by Southern plantations, and another way of looking at plantation is as farmhouses for Southern climes. This very practical design allows multiple double doors to open off both porches to maximize ventilation and open the pedestrian flow from the outside in. But in addition to practicality, the plantation style resonates with the culture's emphasis on grace, hospitality, and classic beauty.
ocean front porch

Photo: Scot Zimmerman

Refined Comfort

Classic pillars give even an informal space an ageless dignity. The dune with natural vegetation seen beyond the railing separates the home from the beach and protects the home from severe storms and surges that occasional pound the beaches.

Excerpted from The Coastal Cottage by Ann Zimmerman. Text copyright © 2017 by Ann Zimmerman. Photographs copyright © 2017 by Scot Zimmerman. Reprinted with permission of Gibbs Smith.

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