If you like roses, you'll likely adore ranunculuses, say Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo, owners of San Francisco's Studio Choo flower shop and authors of The Flower Recipe Book. A few more smart floral swaps:

If you like the strong fragrance of lilac... try: A single sprig of these garden favorites—all you need to fill a room with scent.

flowers that smell good

If you like the delicacy of the cosmo... try: Lending daintiness to your compositions by adding similarly papery blooms.

flowers similar to cosmos

If you like the panache of a single snapdragon... try: Displaying these spired beauties in a collection of bottles—just place a lone stem in each.

flowers like snapdragons

If you like the classic allure of the rose... try: Combining flowers that usually stand alone as the focal point of an arrangement.

flowers like roses

If you like the green pop of a fern... try: Using foliage as the main attraction rather than as "filler." foliage for bouquets

Illustrations by Lauren Tamaki


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