• Glass vase (approximately 5" to 6" high with an opening of about 4" to 5"—the smaller the vase opening, the easier it'll be to make a lush-looking arrangement)
  • Tape (floral, masking or washi)
  • Scissors or floral cutters
  • Floral or small paring knife
  • Hydrangeas, 4 stems
  • Artichokes, 3 stems (substitute: brassica (ornamental cabbage), evergreen or magnolia branches)
  • Roses, 9 stems (substitute: alstroemeria or peonies)
  • Hellebores, 4 stems (substitute: whimsical, delicate blooms, such as jasmine or sweet pea)
  • Geranium leaves, to your liking (substitute: fresh ivy, pachysandra, pittosporum)


    1. The Prep

    Fill vase with water. Measure one stem to the height that you want your arrangement to be (ideally just below double the vase height.) Place small pieces of tape on a surface to mark the top and bottom of the stem length. (Every stem will eventually be cut to this length.)

    Tip: Always fill water to the top and refresh every two to three days. Stems, especially roses, drink a lot of water and quickly just after a fresh stem cut. It only takes a few hours out of water for cut stems to wilt so the more water the better!

    2. The Base

    Cut three hydrangeas to the same length. Using a knife, carefully peel away about 2 inches from the end of the stem (to help it absorb water and last longer), then place in the vase.

    Cut the artichokes to the same length and place in the vase, alternating with the hydrangeas and crisscrossing the stems.

    3. The Filling In

    Cut a rose to the same length and place next to hydrangea-artichokes, then twist the vase. Cut another rose to the same length, place next to another hydrangea-artichoke, then turn the vase. Repeat with the remaining seven roses, continuing to cut and place each stem, and turning the vase to keep the arrangement looking balanced.

    Cut the remaining hydrangea to the same length and place at the top of the arrangement to fill it in.

    4. The Drama

    Cut the hellebores to the same length, and place evenly throughout the arrangement to add color and drama. Tip: Use floral cutters to cut vertically up the stem, about 1 inch, to help with water absorption.

    Finish by cutting the geranium leaf greenery to the same length, and placing evenly throughout the arrangement.


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