trainer at the gym

Illustration: David Wyffels

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That trainer giving unsolicited advice or pushing services you don't want

Why they're bothering you: You can forgive the interruption if they're correcting your form (nobody wants to get injured), but if you were interested in personal training sessions, you'd ask about them.
How to handle it: First, consider that the trainer might be under pressure to chat you up. "Gyms often require trainers to have a certain number of clients, and they're expected to pick them up while they're working on the floor," says Stanley. "They're not trying to bother you—they're just doing their job." That being said, you're still entitled to an uninterrupted workout. Short of wearing a shirt that says "Do Not Disturb," try Stanley's trick of letting your body language do the talking. When the trainer starts speaking, make a point of slowly removing your headphones (if you're wearing them) and holding them in front of you. "That lets them know they're making you pause what you were doing to pay attention to them," she says. That, coupled with a polite "thanks but no thanks," will make them unlikely to interrupt you again.