habits at the gym

Illustration: David Wyffels

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The muscled-out guy working out right in front of the free-weight rack, blocking your path to the 5 lb dumbbells

Why they're bothering you: This isn't just about not wanting to talk to this man—strength training is important for keeping your metabolism up, and you can't use the weights if you can't get to them.
How to handle it: Wait until he's done with his set (you don't want to spook someone who's got weights in their hands, advises Stanley), then politely ask if you can sneak in and grabbed your weights. "None of us are training for the Olympics—this guy included—so don't let anyone's size, or the size of the weights they're lifting, intimidate you," says Susser. If you're uncomfortable interrupting him, skip the free weights and change up your routine for the day. "There are a lot of different ways to work the same muscles." Go jump on a circuit machine, get a resistance band or grab a kettlebell instead.