frozen pizza

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Frozen Pizza

What could be in it: Trans fats, according to the American Heart Association

The belly-fat connection: Women whose diets contained trans fatty acids (TFA) gained more body fat and widened their waistlines more than women whose diets didn't include TFA. The 16-week study was published in Nutrition & Diabetes.

The flatter-belly fix: Trans fat will be out of the U.S. food supply by the end of 2018, thanks to a ruling last year from the Food and Drug Administration. In the meantime, read labels closely: If the packaging says "no trans fats," that food gets the green light. If the nutrition label says zero grams of trans fat, there could still be up to .5 grams per serving in the product, and seeing partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list is also a sign to put that food back on the shelf.