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Never Refilling That Refillable Water Bottle You Bought for Your Desk

How it's aging you: "The cheapest and fastest way to look younger is moisture," says Hirsch, because it provides an immediate plumping effect. Without it, skin looks dull (because it doesn't reflect light as well when it's dry, says Nazarian) and less elastic, and even your pores look bigger. And the water you drink isn't the only factor. Office air, recirculated through HVAC systems over and over, can be incredibly drying because it lacks humidity, says Hirsch. So if you're not staying hydrated in your dry office, your skin is being sapped of moisture from the inside out and the outside in.

The fix: Refill that water bottle enough to keep your pee light yellow (getting up often to refill it is another bonus, because sitting all day doesn't do a body good). If you have your own office, consider running a humidifier every so often to keep the air from becoming too dry. Just make sure to check the filters regularly and clean the machine itself too. (Hirsch recommends running vinegar through it every few months.) If a humidifier isn't an option, try adding a plant or two to your workspace that naturally adds some moisture to the air. You can also incorporate hydrating products into your skincare routine. Look for ones that contain hyaluronic acid or ceramides, says Nazarian, and consider adding a product like Aquaphor to the rotation—its thick consistency helps lock moisture in.