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Don't forget about your genes

As much as you may try to prevent wrinkles, there's only so much you have control over. "The likelihood of the type of wrinkles you'll develop and the age of onset is influenced by genetics," says Peredo. Your ethnicity and skin tone can make you more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV rays, for instance. So, while you can't stop every line and crease, factoring in your genetics can help you determine the extent of the anti-wrinkle lifestyle measures you'll want to take, whether that includes being adamant about wearing SPF (and reapplying), maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and/or avoiding consuming excess sugar (which has been shown to form what's called advanced glycation endproducts—or AGEs, for short—that can degrade collagen and elastin and lead to what‘s known as "sugar sag."
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