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What You've Been Doing: Using all your willpower to pretend junk food doesn't exist when you're at the grocery store
Try This Instead: Get what you want—after you've grabbed what's actually on your list
"If I find myself with cookies or ice cream in my hand, I'll put them down and tell myself that I'll get them at the end of the shopping trip. Eighty percent of the time my cart is so full with other, healthier foods I like that I'll be able to talk myself out of it—or I'll forget it all together! If I feel like I want those foods so much that I can't stop myself from buying them even at the end of the shopping trip, I try to work them into a social event so I don't eat all of them myself, like taking them to my mom's house to enjoy with the rest of my family. —Monica Olivas, Run Eat Repeat; lost 20 pounds