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What You've Been Doing: Opting for the lower-calorie version of whatever you're craving
Try This Instead: Have a go-to snack on hand that's filling and nutritious
"For me, cravings are rarely about the food—it's often about what I'm feeling and my desire to escape that. I eat the same exact thing no matter what I'm craving because doing so is more utilitarian than emotional, and it helps me recognize what I'm doing—"I'm eating this because I'm having a craving that I need to shake" versus "I need to eat something because I'm feeling stressed/anxious/unhappy." For me, it's 2 percent Greek yogurt with honey and flax seed. A little protein, a little fat and a little fiber can make a huge difference." —Erika Nicole Kendall, A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss; lost 170 pounds