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Libra – September 23 to October 22

Your sign in a nutshell: You enjoy connecting with people while you work out, so sweating in a pair is ideal, especially because you're a very cooperative person. You're also willing to spend more money to go to the nicest gym or studio in town.
The workout for you: Social sports like tennis, where you can chat with your partner between points and head out for a victory drink afterward, high-end studios with group classes and a locker room dreams are made of, or, if you have the funds, a personal trainer—that one-on-one connection where you're both working toward the same goal makes the sessions feel more valuable to you, making you more likely to stick with your program. You can be a little indecisive as well (should I do squats or planks next? Or what about pushups?!), and having a trainer telling you exactly what to do will help ensure you get results from your workouts.