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Aries - March 21 to April 19

Your sign in a nutshell: As an action-taking fire sign, you're quick and competitive and thrive in situations with an aggressive energy. Few things feel better to you than knowing you're surpassing your personal best—or the person next to you. So yeah, you're a little competitive.
The workout for you: Spin classes where you can beat your previous metrics or the metrics of everyone else. At Flywheel, the Torqboard display at the front of the studio tracks how much energy you're putting in and compares it with the rest of the class. (You can opt out of it, but as an Aries, you probably won't.) There's an even stronger us-against-them mentality at Swerve, an indoor cycling studio that pits different teams of bikes against one another, with mini challenges throughout class. You'd also enjoy treadmill classes like Equinox's Precision Running, where you work toward getting a little faster with every session.