This quick, effective routine comes from personal trainer Dalton Wong's book The Feelgood Plan, co-written with health and lifestyle journalist Kate Faithfull-Williams.

1. Pendulum lunge

Step back with your right foot and lower your right knee

Put your weight in your left heel and take a big step forwards with your right leg, so now your left knee hovers above the floor

Repeat on the left leg, alternating for 1 minute

2. Kneeling push-ups

Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the ground with control

Punch up until the elbows are straight

Remember to engage your abs and the area between your shoulder blades

3. Back toner

Drop into a shallow squat, with arms hanging down

Holding a light weight in each hand, bend your arms and move your elbows in line with your ribcage

Squeeze your abs to maintain a straight spine

4. Mountain climber

Start in plank: head, hips and heels in one straight line

Bring your left knee to your chest for 1 second

Continue swapping legs for 1 minute

5. Squats

Hold a 5 lb weight up to your chest

Push your bottom backwards, slowly lowering until your thighs are parallel to the floor

Squeeze your butt and push through your heels to stand

6. Side plank

Lift everything but your forearm and the side of your foot off the ground

Keep your hips stacked and body straight

After 30 seconds, switch sides

7. Back extensions

Lie face down and lift your head and arms 3 inches off the floor

Hold for 10 seconds, then lower

Repeat until your minute is up

Run through that energizing circuit once more from the top, then do 1 minute of...

8. The finisher: Box clever

Sink into a half squat, fists at your armpits

Sharply punch out your left arm, fist in line with your shoulder

Fight the good fight for 1 minute, alternating arms and striking clean, firm punches

Reprinted with permission from The Feelgood Plan © 2016 by Dalton Wong and Kate Faithfull-Williams, Sterling Epicure. Photos by Philip North-Combes.


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