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Anti-Aging 2.0

On an almost-daily basis, new creams, serums, and lotions hit store shelves, in packages touting their skincare superpowers (smooths wrinkles! fades dark spots! firms and lifts sagging skin!). But for the typical shopper, figuring out which ones can actually deliver on their promises, and which will just drain your wallet, is nearly impossible. So we went to the experts—dermatologists and product formulators—to zero in on the latest advances that have science on their side. "The best technologies are able to address complexion concerns in ways topical products have previously been unable to," says Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist in Chicago. "Maybe you have acne that won't go away, or brown spots that don’t fade, or uneven skin tone. It's possible there's now a better, more effective option out there." We've got five of them right here—keep reading to find the one that's right for you.