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If you could avoid the misery of the flu—the fever, the aches, the knives in your throat—wouldn't you? Wouldn't anyone? Yet most of us don't take the proper precautions. In fact, nearly 60 percent of American adults fail to get their annual flu shot. If you're one of them, please take care of it now! And don't stop there—consider these other easy ways to protect yourself.

Clean your screen.
I don't have to tell you that germs lurk on every doorknob, light switch and keyboard you touch. That's why it's a good idea to clean such surfaces regularly. But many of us forget to disinfect the one thing we keep in our hands—and against our face—all the time: our cell phone. One 2013 analysis found that some smartphones may harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat! Give your screen a daily once-over with a soft lint-free cloth, especially if you're already under the weather. And don't hand your phone to a friend, even if she looks healthy; research indicates that up to 77 percent of people infected with the flu report no symptoms.