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3. Binge-watching with your buddy
Dogs need snuggles, but they also need walks and the chance to run, chase, and fetch. "Because dogs have evolved to be active creatures who hunger for exercise, its absence will affect their physical and mental well-being," Ward says. In addition to weight issues, a sedentary lifestyle could lead to anxiety, hyperactivity, excessive barking, or destructive chewing or digging.

Pet Rx: If you aren't already taking daily walks together, start with 5- to 10-minute strolls and build to at least 30 cumulative minutes a day. Feeling frisky? Play ball, swim together, or sign up for agility training, a canine sport where you lead your dog through obstacles—because you can teach a roly-poly dog new tricks.

How to spot a pudgy pet Signs of an overweight dog include a sagging tummy; enough fat to prevent you from easily feeling his ribs; a broad, flat back; and lack of a waist. All that chub may make him cute and cuddly, but it's not healthy.