gas after giving birth

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You may fart a lot

Pregnant women everywhere know that when they're growing a baby, gas happens. But what you might not be prepared for is that the gas can stick around for a long time. Injury to a pelvic nerve, called the pudendal nerve, during labor can lead to "flatal incontinence" (the med term for an inability to control farting). During an episode, you may also lose some stool. "Up to 15 percent of women experience at least one episode of this in the year after delivery," says Curry. If this happens more often and is a problem for you, research suggests the embarrassing nature of the topic may mean you are keeping your symptoms mum—even though they may be negatively affecting your quality of life. So, try to talk to your doc. If it helps, use doctor-speak, saying something like "Sometimes a fart comes out without my permission, or by surprise,"—that can get the ball rolling on dialogue, says Curry.