pelvic pain after giving birth

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Your pelvis aches beyond the stitches

If you had a vaginal birth, it's no news to you that your vagina went through quite the change. What you might not think about is what else is going on in your pelvic area. "The uterus does tend to be more loosely attached and the bladder sits lower. That's normal and shouldn't really affect you," says Schaffir. The problem occurs when things get stretched further—like if you birthed a large baby—and the uterus and bladder fall down into your vagina lower than they should. This can cause pelvic discomfort and pain or problems putting in a tampon, he says. You may also notice a bulge coming out of your vagina when you cough (called prolapse). While this may be common right after delivery, if it sticks around for longer than two months, see your doctor.