This new streaming service broadcasts 14 live fitness classes every day from its neon-lit New York City studio via its site and app. The dancy, equipment-optional, total-body workouts are 28 minutes or less, set to upbeat tunes and led by expert instructors in pastel spandex. We think Jane Fonda would approve.
$27 per month; ObeFitness.com

Nintendo Switch
Like the Wii, this system uses motion-sensor technology for select games that'll have you punching (like in the fun-for-all fighting game Arms) and swinging (in the new Mario Tennis Aces) at your TV. And the console can also be used as a portable system, so you can get your score and heart rate up anywhere, from the airport terminal to your sister-in-law's den.
$300; Nintendo.com

Yoga with Adriene
Adriene Mishler's YouTube channel makes it super simple to go with the flow, offering hundreds of free yoga sessions that center on everything from toning to de-stressing. Her voice is calming, she’s not afraid to laugh at herself, and her blue heeler, Benji, regularly lounges by her mat, giving adorable new meaning to downward dog.


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