how to make the gym a habit

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The Gym That Fits Needs Beyond Your Budget

Locker rooms with too-few showers, ho-hum classes, so many people that you have to wait in line for a treadmill—all valid complaints that might keep you from going at all.

How it helps: Figuring out your biggest exercise pet peeve (one that's bothersome enough that it would keep you from going), then finding a gym that solves the problem eliminates your own potential excuses. Tired of bringing your sneakers every time? Go for a gym that lets members rent permanent lockers (some will even wash your dirty workout clothes for you). If you tend to lose your gusto for the hot new class after a month, then look for a gym that changes their class offerings frequently. Whatever your biggest concern is, there's bound to be a gym that addresses it. Remember, though, that you might need to weigh cost versus convenience, says Mehta. "If a gym you're considering is really pricey, but it's just down the street and proximity matters for you and you know you'll go often if it's that close, it may be worth it."