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You're impulsive
Letting external factors drive your eating choices happens to many of us—even doctors. For wellness and life coach Susan Biali Haas, MD, she noticed that she would often crave carrot cake even when she wasn't hungry. Once she paused to examine why she wanted the sweet treat, she realized that buying a slice was more of a reflex in response to stress—and recognizing that was key in helping her break the stress-sugar connection. When you get the urge to dig into a sleeve of cookies, your first step should be to stop. Then, ask yourself why do I want this?: Is sadness, boredom or procrastination prompting you to dig in? "Get curious about your sugar cravings and try to understand where they're coming from and what it's trying to solve," she says. Awareness that the urge does not come from hunger can help you plan better ways to deal with the craving. Have a few coping strategies at the ready, like know who you can call (or text) when you need to vent or have a journal easily accessible to express yourself.