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3 Ways to Fuel Your Road Trip
Fill up without slowing yourself down. For sustenance between stops, check out these make-ahead bites that can power you through any outing.

If Your Only Option Is a Fast Food Joint

A drive-through meal can range from 300 to 3,000 calories—so don't abandon all sense of discernment. Lakatos suggests picking a produce-centric menu item—like the green beans at KFC, baked potato at Wendy's, or garden side salad at Burger King—and building from there with other healthy additions.

If Your Only Option Is a Gas Station

Head for the refrigerator case. "Yogurt or string cheese is always a great idea, and grab any fresh fruit you see," says Penn State professor of nutritional science Barbara J. Rolls, PhD. If you have a sweet craving, go for a Kind dark chocolate, nut, and sea salt bar, which contains five grams of sugar—about one-fifth as much as some candy bars.

If Your Only Option Is a Coffee Shop

Opt for an egg-and-cheese sandwich on an English muffin—it will almost always clock in at under 400 calories and has enough protein to help keep you feeling full. And don't shy away from egg yolks: They're a top source of choline, a nutrient that's been linked to better memory.