how to properly store canned food

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Examine Your Cans

If stored in a cool, dry place, unopened canned goods can retain their nutrients for months or even years; minerals and some vitamins will remain for as long as the food still tastes okay. To predict the shelf life of your can, consider the acidity level of its contents. The chemicals in high-acid foods react with the metal container, and over time this may change the flavor and texture as well as reduce nutritional value. Fruit, juice, tomatoes, pickled vegetables, and vinegar-based dressings should be consumed within 12 to 18 months after purchase. Canned foods with low acidity, like corn and beans, are safe to eat for two to five years. Of course, get rid of cans that are bulging, leaking, or rusting, or spurt liquid when opened (regardless of purchase date), as they may have been contaminated.