So how exactly can you eliminate never-ending dreams of warm chocolate cake and replace them with fantasies of crunchy green kale, sweet juicy tomatoes, and farm fresh blueberries (you know we do!)? By the end of this piece you’ll be reaching for a carrot faster than you can say potato chip:

  • The first step to permanently conquer your cravings is to make a commitment. You must commit to treating your beautiful, sacred body with the utmost respect. Your body's not a trashcan, so why fill it with garbage? Visualize what it will feel like to live in a body that THRIVES. Visualize what your day will be like and all of the life goals this vehicle will help you conquer. Once you make the conscious decision to stop eating harmful foods and stick to whole, healing, loving foods, the rest will be a piece of cake...or shall we say, bunch of kale?

  • Take all toxic temptations out of your environment, so that you don't have them at your fingertips. Fill your refrigerator with fresh, living, delicious whole foods. Save treats for outside of the house—if it's in the freezer, you're not going to get it off your mind. Need some lean and clean snack inspiration? Check out the S-Life Guide to Snacking!

  • Focus on how you feel. Although breaking an addiction is hard at first, consistently remind yourself the GOOD that you’re doing for your mind, body, and soul. Anything you do repeatedly will inevitably become a habit and this particular habit is a foolproof recipe for vibrant energy, glowing skin, and an addiction to whole foods that sugar cravings wouldn't dare mess with. Once you turn the corner, bask in how amazingly GOOD it feels to treat your body well. Share that love with others.

  • When you're starting to wean away from unhealthy cravings, hide these indulgences in the middle of your meal at first. If you eat a cookie before your meal, your brain will associate it with the relief of hunger and crave it anytime you're hungry. Conversely, if you eat a cookie at the end of your meal, your brain will expect one every.single.time. Instead, have a few bites in the middle of your meal, to slowly break the association.

  • There are always healthy alternatives to your initial instinct. When a craving hits, sit with it. Regardless of what your brain is telling you, there is no urgent need to fulfill your craving RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. Breathe into the part of your body where you feel the craving and try and hear what it's asking for. Your patient, calculated reaction to your craving will empower you in some pretty serious ways. Craving fat and sugar? Try an apple with almond butter. Want some savory cheesy goodness? Have some vegan nacho kale chips!

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