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Turn Your Strength-Training Routine into a Circuit
Anyone already doing resistance work is one metabolism-boosting step ahead of those who don't. To take that muscle-building activity and turn up the calorie burn, stop doing it in chunks (all of your pushups, rest, all of your lunges, rest, and so on). Instead, turn it into a circuit workout, which will keep your heart rate elevated and help you burn more calories during and after the workout, says Rick Richey, National Academy of Sports Medicine master instructor and a certified personal trainer. It's easy to take your old workout and circuit-ize it. If you used to do 3 sets of pushups, rest, 3 sets of squats, rest, then 3 sets of mountain climbers, here's the circuit version: do 1 set each of pushups, squats and mountain climbers with no breaks in between, then take a short rest and repeat that sequence 2 more times.