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After sex with my husband, parts of my body get numb, red and irritated. Could I be allergic to his sperm?

While the medical community once thought this wasn't possible, Dr. Oz says they have recently reconsidered. However, it's not her husband's sperm that she is most likely allergic to, but rather the proteins in his semen. "The allergy can sometimes cause a systemic response like hives and a feeling in your eyes and your mouth that you're not quite right, but a lot of times it will be very local," Dr. Oz says. "You'll get irritation around the va-jay-jay."

Dr. Oz says that the best way to cure this allergy is through safe sex. Simply using a condom should prevent the allergic reaction.

In some women, an allergy to semen could be a sign of something much more worrisome. "The woman has antibodies against the male sperm," Dr. Oz says. "They see the sperm as an invading army of bacteria, and they start to kill it." He says this can lead to future fertility difficulties.