Jennifer from Connecticut on Skype thanks Dr. Oz for helping her lose weight.

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Jennifer from Connecticut received a Christmas gift in 2006 that changed her life.

After having three children, Jennifer says she weighed more than 200 pounds and was unhappy. She joined a gym but sill wasn't losing weight—until her aunt gave her Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen's book YOU: On a Diet.

"I read the book. I started reading my labels. I changed the way I ate," Jennifer says. "The results I saw were amazing. And six months after that, I had lost over 50 pounds."

In addition to looking great, Jennifer says she hasn't had any migraine headaches and has been able to stop taking medication for anxiety. "Everywhere I go, they tell me that I look like a different person. And you know what? It's not just the outside," she says. "It's my mentality. My frame of mind. Every day I wake up and I'm, like, 'Yes. Another beautiful day.' And I just owe it all to Dr. Oz."

Dr. Oz is honored, but he says Jennifer is the one who deserves all the credit. "The reason we call them the You books—we're not accusing. This is a little scary, but the reality is only you can do it. I can't do that for you. No one can do that for you," Dr. Oz says. "When you tell people in your life what you learned that changed you, that has real communication effect. That's how we change people's lives. So I want to thank you for changing a lot of people's lives today."
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