Dr. Oz speaks with Cassandra, whose son died from dry drowning.

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Dr. Oz accompanies Cassandra on her first visit to the pool where Johnny was swimming. When she shows Dr. Oz the exact spot—only 3 feet deep in the shallow end—where he went underwater, she is overcome with grief. "I was holding his hand, and then he decided he would hold the ledge here, and he would walk around with his sister," she says. "By that point, I decided to walk back over here and watch him."

Cassandra says Johnny's head went under water for "a hair second." When he came up, he started coughing a little. "I didn't worry about it," she says. "Because if you ingest a little bit of water, your instant impulse is to [cough], you know."

At first, Cassandra says she didn't notice anything wrong with Johnny. Then he told her had had to use the bathroom. "That's when I noticed he'd had a bowel movement on himself," she says.

Cassandra then brought Johnny home and gave him a bath and took him to bed because he seemed very tired. "I asked him at that point if he was okay," she says. "He told me that he was fine; he just wanted to go to sleep. It probably was about 30 minutes later I came into the room and he had a lot of foam around his nose."

She called 911, and paramedics arrived within minutes, but Johnny went into full cardiac arrest. He died at the hospital.

Cassandra said goodbye to Johnny in his room. "I kissed him on that soft cheek, and I told him I was so sorry that I didn't know how to save him. I told him that I loved him and that I would miss him," she says. "That was so hard, to see him lying there knowing that I would never talk to him or see him again."
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