Linda was rushed into surgery to remove a 140-pound tumor.

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For years, Linda had gotten the same advice from her doctor as millions of Americans—you need to lose weight. Over a period of about 20 years, her weight rose to as much 300 pounds. Linda says she trusted that advice and tried various diets plans, none of which ever worked.

Then, one Easter, she went to the doctor with what she thought was the flu. They told her it was a ruptured appendix and rushed her to emergency surgery. During the operation, they found something more than a ruptured appendix—and removed 40 pounds of tumor. They then took Linda to another facility where doctors removed the rest of the tumor.

After two surgeries, doctors had removed 140 pounds of cancerous tumor from Linda's stomach—nearly half her weight.

After both parts of the tumor were successfully removed, no radiation or chemotherapy was necessary. However, Linda still has cancerous cells in her body that will need to be removed with further surgeries if they start to grow.
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