Dr. Brian Weiss and Oprah


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Before Oprah and Dr. Oz entered the studio, Dr. Weiss led the audience through a 45-minute past-life regression exercise.

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Between one-quarter and one-half of the audience say they had some success being hypnotized and recalled old memories from their current lives. Some even say they experienced visions of past lives.

One woman says she recalled how, in a previous life, she was a man who was murdered by someone while in a swamp. "I could feel blood running out and I could see my attacker and I was killed with a knife," she says. "It was okay because later I saw my dad who has passed and my sister who's passed."

Another woman, who is African-American, says she had a strange experience in past-life regression. "I was white, and I was a nun," she says. "I'm, like, I'm so not a nun, so that was weird."

A third woman, who says she does not have children, says past-life regression revealed to her several past lives in which she did have children. "I think I so desperately want children that every single time you took me back, I had children," she says. "And they lived, and I died."

Dr. Weiss says these experiences are all quite common. "We change race, we change religions because we have to learn from all sides. Souls don't have those characteristics. We're all connected. It's not about color or race. Sometimes we have to be nuns because we learn to live spiritual lifetimes," he says. "We've all been black, we've all been white, we've all been brown, we've all been red. We've been everything because we have to learn from all sides. ... You have to learn from all sides, and that's part of our learning here on this planet."
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