Dr. Brian Weiss

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Dr. Brian Weiss began his career as a psychiatrist and was well published and well respected by the time he was 35. In 1979, he became chairman of the psychiatry department at the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami and was regarded as a star in his field.

Dr. Weiss's life changed forever when he took on a new patient named Catherine. "She was suffering from panic attacks, phobias, fears, nightmares," he says. "She had begun sleeping in a large closet in her apartment because of fear."

After a year of conventional psychiatric treatment with little progress, Dr. Weiss decided to try hypnosis, a therapy he'd used successfully before. Catherine was able to easily recall traumatic memories from her childhood. When he asked Catherine to go to the source of her pain, Dr. Weiss says he was shaken to his core—Catherine regressed back and started talking about living previous lives.
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