David, before and after

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Current Weight: 250 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 380 pounds

David says his struggle with weight began after he was abused as a child. "I was molested by the first friend I ever made," he says. "From that point on, my trust in other people, in making new friends, just evaporated."

Turning to food for comfort, David was constantly teased and he eventually dropped out of high school. He isolated himself for the next 10 years, gaining so much weight that he considered replacing his clothing with an oversized sheet. "A decade went by, and I viewed the world through a bay window at my house," he says. "I just wanted to basically disappear."

Tipping the scales at more than 600 pounds, David says he became suicidal and desperate. That's when he decided to call his local TV station for help. Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to Chris Powell, a personal trainer who put him on a carb-cycling system to drop the weight. Eventually, David trained himself to switch between high and low-carb days to avoid plateaus in his weight loss. He also stopped binge eating at night, cut soda from his diet and began eating six to eight small meals a day.

David's efforts paid off! In just two years, he dropped 380 pounds. Now, he says he's experiencing life for the first time. "It's the greatest feeling in the world!" he says.
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