The Williams sisters, before and after

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The Williams Sisters
Total Combined Weight Loss: 478 pounds

At almost 400 pounds, Dejeanette was forced to walk with a cane because her weight put pressure on her knees. That's when she decided to join Weight Watchers and improve her health.

Dejeanette convinced her four sisters, Pamela, Teri, Linda and Patricia, to join her on her weight loss journey and change their lifestyles as well. Sunday night dinners now include baked chicken instead of fried, and lots of veggies. "We changed our portion sizes, we changed how we cooked things," Dejeanette says. "It's amazing the natural flavor the sweet potato has without all the extra stuff on it."

Using diet, exercise and moral support, the five sisters have lost a total of 478 pounds! Pamela has lost 56 pounds, Dejeanette has lost 127 pounds, Teri has lost 116 pounds, Linda has lost 86 pounds and Patricia has lost 93 pounds.
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