Jahi, before and after

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Current Weight: 181 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 145 pounds

In 2004, Jahi says he had his lightbulb moment when walking around the back of his house to feed his dog left him winded and completely scared. In pain and out of breath, he says he realized he needed to make a changefast.

The next day, Jahi stepped on the treadmill and began walking. At first, he could only exercise for 15 minutes at a time, but he stuck with it. He also went to his local library and researched healthier eating habits. Within the first eight months, Jahi lost more than 100 pounds and has transformed his body into a muscle-building machine!

In April 2006, Jahi competed in his first bodybuilding contest and placed in the top four. Now, he says he feels truly blessed.
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