A grocery story in Loma Linda is full of inexpensive, healthy items.

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When Dr. Oz and Dan went into a grocery store in Loma Linda, they said it was easy to see why their community has lived such long and healthy lives. "It's full of bins of locally grown beans and nuts," Oprah says. "And aisles of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Normally, eating healthy is thought to be expensive, but the price of foods are relatively inexpensive in Loma Linda because most of their beans and nuts are locally grown and because of how they package the foods. "They sold these in big bins so you didn't pay a lot of money for marketing and for packaging," Dr. Oz says. "It just was the bin."

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Because so many residents of Loma Linda are vegans, there is no meat or dairy in their diets, which Dan believes contributes to their health. "You can eat meat, but ... keep it as a sideshow," he says.
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